Custom Foot Orthotics


What is an orthoses (orthotic)?

A foot appliance placed within your shoes, manufactured from a cast of your foot to prevent or correct deformities and improve foot function.

Assessment and gait analysis:
  • Performed by a certified pedorthist
  • Includes a series of tests ranging from muscle strength, walking gait analysis, joint range of motion and foot, ankle, knee and hip alignment
  • Plaster casting of your feet (non-weight bearing)
  • All orthotics manufactured on-site
  • Follow up evaluation to ensure proper fit and comfort (adjustments completed onsite)

Foot Conditions


Hammer Toes

A hammertoe is defined as a deformity in which the interphalageal joint is in a flexed position.


Morten’s Neuroma

A neuroma is usually situated between the third and fourth toes. It is characterized by a sharm, lancinating type pain usually when under weight bearing.


Tarsal Runnel Syndrome

Is the entrapment/impingement of nerves commonly along the medial (inside) of the ankle.


Bunions (Hallux Valgus)

A bunion is a common term used for the migration of the 1st toe away from the mid-line of the body.



Metatarsalgia is a term used to describe generalized pain in the fore-foot.


Plantar Fasciitis/Hell Spur

Is a condition in which the arch of the foot or bottom of the heel is extremely painful.